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Rikarin ♥
21 February 2013 @ 03:41 pm
Hajimemashite, minna!
My name is Rika but you can call me Rikarin, Rika-chan, Rin-chan, and else. This journal is open for public and I guess I’m not going to f-lock it. But if you want to add me, I’ll be glad to add you back yet please leave an introduction below if you can. This journal will mainly contain fanfiction made by me, some rambling and unimportant things, music review and others.

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Rikarin ♥
01 January 2015 @ 03:06 am
It's been a long time since the last time I posted something here. I'm sleepy but somehow I can't sleep. So I decided to update my lj XD

2014 has been a complicated year. Much happiness much sadness but overall I'm glad that I passed the year and now ready for 2015. To be honest 2014 left me some regrets. Such things as "why I couldn't do better", "why I'm still struggling with the same bad habbits", or "I could choose something better than X, why I chose that" are probably one that bothering me.

Long story short, let's divide things that I feel blessed about and things that bothered me the most in 2014 :D

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Rikarin ♥
12 December 2013 @ 10:47 pm
Everyone, Rikarin's here~ *waves*

It's been awhile, ne? I was pretty dead and rarely around LJ, just checking my friends page occasionally to check update and stuff. Regarding with fanfic, I also feel sorry since I'm being irresponsible and leaving those multichapters unfinished (but promise, I'll finish them, I WILL >///<). Dx With this... my comeback post seems doesn't mean anything and pointless *runs from flying tomatoes*

You could blame RL for all of this D: -------> this girl is fleeing from responsibility *bricks*

*coughs* Well... I'm not fleeing or lying, this is true.

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Ah... I'm rambling. Anyway, I actually owe a birthday fic for my sweetest zayness but as my explanation above, I have no time for it. Yet because my semester will end in two days, you could expect me to post new fic/fics soon. I hope there is still people who like to read them tho because as depressing as it seems, Akame fandom is pretty dead nowadays *cries*

For now, I could only give a teaser!

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Rikarin ♥
13 July 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Because I head over heel with this album... Recommended tracks were bold~!


01. Alive
02. Rainbow
03. Can You Feel This Love
04. Big Boys Cry
05. Hands On Me
06. Heaven
07. Poison
08. La La La
09. Supernatural Love
10. Let Me Let You Go
11. Contrail
12. Stardust In My Eyes

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Rikarin ♥
13 July 2013 @ 01:52 pm
Hi everyone, hisashiburi! (^ _ ^)

I've been so busy lately. I sometimes thinking that I really want to give up. I could meet tests and assignment in almost everyday, not mentioning with pop quizzes. And because new year of school will coming soon on next September, I'm also busy working as committee for guiding the new students. It's really crazy... (><)

I don't really have enough time for enjoying myself. Because once I'm home, usually I'll be sleeping or working on assignments. As the result last week, I collapsed and skipped the classes. I got a terrible fever mixing with headache and I don't have any appetite at all. Everything tasted bitter and I always feel like going to throw up in almost every time. Gaahhh... not good, I know *sighed* But I'm all fine now after I took my medicine and eat properly, no need to worry :D Yeah, I admit I got a bad eating habit. That's might also the one that contribute the most toward my exhaustion last time.

Now, I'll waiting for the end of July. I wish I could maintain my grade because I bet I'll cry a river if I drop my grade, I sacrificed many things this couple of months. Gambarimasu~!
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